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  • Jessy Randall wrote on July 27, 2009 report

    Thanks! That was interesting.

  • Jordan Gilman wrote on July 28, 2009 report

    very interesting article. Glad to hear Kurt's opinion on these topics as well.

    Two things that should be fixed though, Jim Gailloreto is the correct spelling. and the picture on the second page the bassist is not Rob Amster, it's Harish Raghavan.

    Great Article though. Thanks AAJ for the interview and thanks Kurt for your music.

  • John Kelman wrote on July 28, 2009 report

    Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for the catches; the beauty of being web-based is it's easy to fix things if we don't catch 'em up front. As they say, the fixes are in, and thanks again! Glad you enjoyed the piece.