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  • Raul d'Gama Rose wrote on August 06, 2009 report

    I agree with Dom. And you, of course, Victor. You have done a swell job here. Vic Juris is, for me, one of the most intelligent musicians around. Pity he is not heard nd appreciated more. I have a great vinyl of him with Barry Miles and Phil Woods, which I enjoy enormously and will revisit after reading your interview.
    Raul da Gama

  • Michael Stephans wrote on August 14, 2009 report

    Vic Juris is a sweet spirit and one of the best guitarists playing today. He is in my trio with bassist Francois Moutin, and to make music with Vic (and Francois) is truly a transcendent and transformative experience. Bravo for spotlighting this great musician and lovely guy.

  • Nelson Riveros wrote on December 26, 2010 report

    I studied with Vic in the early 90's. He was always very supportive and still is. I'm glad he continues to record and receive the exposure he very much deserves.