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  • September Wrice wrote on March 29, 2011 report

    Jym: Really enjoyed reading about your life, accomplishments and re-living the ground breaking events of our days with the Forerunners. Delores Weaver kept me updated on you...Last time we talked was at my brothers funeral in 2000. Congratulations on the many awards you've received. They are long overdue, long time in coming and so well deserved. I would like to extend my greetings to Colemar and Odean.....My best also to Ave. Called the last phone number I had for you, unfortunately, couldn't reach you. Wishing you and
    your family best of health..Please send me updates on the activities of your many projects....My new address: 226 Elm Street, Hanson, MA, cell phone: 781 883 5523 and email: Take real good care of yourself.......Agape', September Wrice