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  • Jim Pearson wrote on July 11, 2009 report

    OK...So after you've tried (in your typical Yank way of OVER analising things...(I know , cause I'm a 'Yank') you have successfully missed the point! This is not meant for 'casual' Neil fans ( the Heart of Gold Toe Tappers at the shows...)if you are gonna pay big dosh for a collection, should you at leat be a big fan of the work? Big fans think this is the geatest thing since sliced bresd...'Casual fans' are dissapointed (as you) cause they like a few things , but never enough to get into his work. He never said (nor his people) that this was the be all to end all...only YOU interpreted it that way by some expectation ...OR, in what has been said to many like yourself(ves) ...Ya just don't get it....and if you think that's not right, the only way to 'Get It' is to listen ...and listen some more...and more and after a few YEARS or 40 or so (or 400!) recordings, you STILL don't get it, do yourself a favour and and not worry yourself...cause Neil doesn't care about you, only us...

    Yours in Rustiness,

    Jim in Bowral NSW

  • Doug Collette wrote on July 11, 2009 report

    Not quite sure why all the rancor...?...I trust what I said did not lessen the pleasure you took and will continue to take in [U]The Archives[/U] project...As the piece evolved, it turned into a set of diverse observations on the subject at hand...none of us are free of expectations but we have the choice of putting them in perspective and keeping them there...which, if you read the piece with a truly open mind, then thought about it objectively, would become apparent. The beauty of Young's best music is absolutely transcendent and the relative success of [U]The Archives[/U] is to offer glimpses of the beauty and the process behind it, all as a means of enjoying the music more and appreciating the artist on a deeper level--which I know I do.