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  • Vince Micko wrote on June 29, 2009 report

    For many years I have been a fan of Marshall Vente's music and his evagelism for the art form that he loves. I have a copy of this and many other of his CDs and I have never been unhappy with what I hear. I am also a fan of Glenn, Isi, Scott, Jim and all the creative people that Marshall surrounds himself with. I always appreciate an honest approach to any genre of music and Vente is always honest, whether he is paying homage to Bill Evans, or joyously cranking out a latin tinged romp, or exploring the intricacies of Caribbean Jazz.

    I like this.

  • Mary Ann Hall wrote on June 30, 2009 report

    I was ecstatic to learn that Marshall Vente has created another CD. His music has enlivened my listening time by the sheer mastery of the embellishments designed by him and brought into reality through his talented musicians. Through their love of the music they play, it has permeated into my being and I can state that whether Marshal, Jim, Isi, Scott, et al, are playing Brazilian sambas or recalling the late 1950's when Bill Evans played at the old Edgewater Beach Hotel, it is a marvelous experience and one that I continue to look forward to each and every time I play one of his CD's. Keep 'em coming, Marshall. You are our oasis in an otherwise abysmal pit of cacophonous sounds.

  • MARY MADERAK wrote on June 30, 2009 report

    I have all of Marshall Vente's CD's and I would have to say that "Marshall Arts",surpassed all of my expectations.I have been a fan for eight years and have seen Marshall and his group in almost every venue. You cannot find better musicians anywhere. Scott Mason is a classically trained bassist and is one of the most melodic bass players I have ever heard. Isi Perez is the driving force behind the group and is truly incomparable. All of the musicians Marshall surrounds himself with are some of the very best in Chicago and beyond. I will never forget the first time I heard Marshall, it was the jazz sound I had been looking for and unable to find. I have been a devoted follower ever since and continue to be thirsty for his music.
    Marshall is a treasure and for those of us who are jazz lovers he continues to thrill us with his mastery of this art. Marshall,please keep the jazz alive!

  • Alan Zuberbuehler wrote on July 19, 2009 report

    A long-time follower of Marshall Vente's music, since before his first CD, I have witnessed the maturing and growth of not only an excellent performer, but also an absolutely outstanding arranger/composer. Vente's natural talents, along with an unstoppable drive to create and tweak-to-perfection have culminated most recently in the inspired CD, "Marshall Arts." Accompanied by several of Chicago's finest players, Vente's compostitions and arrangements are put on display to give us another note-able landmark on Chicago's musical landscape. "Marshall Arts" is enjoyable listening, and you'll be glad to spend your time with it.

  • Jim Tarvin wrote on July 22, 2009 report

    Marshall Vente's latest release is an outstanding piece of work that transports the listener to another level of musical enjoyment. "Marshall Arts" is for the armchair adventurer in all of us; those who seek to leave the mundane behind and set out on a aural journey leading to unexpected pleasures in sound. The keyboard passages are masterful throughout and weave through the spectrum, from silky smooth daydreams to rapturous Brazilian rhythms. The undulating bass and polished drums/percussion enrich the journey by moving the tempo along on it's meandering path. Flute and steel drums punctuate the Caribbean feel and flavor of the travels. Favorite pieces to this musical explorer's ears include "Song For The Peshmerga" with it's exotic, other-worldly undertones, "Bossa '68" which most resembles the Tropicale sound that Marshall perfected on earlier releases and "Endless Intensity" which, as the title implies, never stops in it's drive to penetrate your brain with swirling sounds and boundless energy.

    An earlier release by Marshall, "Tropicale", easily made my Top 50 albums of all time by overwhelming me with up-tempo Brazilian classics that wouldn't let my feet stop moving and my body cease shaking. "Marshall Arts" is climbing right up alongside that classic album, but this time by not permitting my mind to rest on it's lofty and surreal musical excursion.

  • Jim Frakes wrote on July 24, 2009 report

    Over the years, Marshall Vente has recorded numerous albums. Beginning in the 1980s he featured his straight-ahead nonet (plus) Project Nine brimming with great arrangements and top-notch solos from some of Chicagos finest. Then along came his high-powered Latin ensemble Tropical, and later he did a series of recording featuring his trio and longtime soulful collaborator, the dearly missed bassist and blues vocalist Eldee Young. Now we hear Marshalls compositional side in a recording of originals. Although its called a trio, Marshall is just too eclectic to limit his color pallet to three hues. Featuring two alternating rhythm sections, Marshall Arts explores fresh new themes with grace and substance. Keeping the piano at the heart of the effort, when the theme calls for a touch of percussion and cuica, shades of guitar or flute, we always get just the right embellishment. This is a delight from beginning to end. Not a wasted track or note. They dont come out of the box very often like this one. Grab it and enjoy.