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  • Tom Cleary wrote on June 24, 2009 report

    I heard a live recording of Elvis Costello doing "Poor Napolean" with Bill Frisell playing guitar; just Elvis singing and Bill playing - it is mesmerizing.

  • John Kelman wrote on June 24, 2009 report

    That would be from a wonderful 1995 EP called Deep Dead Blue, now oop but a terrific brief encounter between Frisell and Costello (I own it, thankfully!).

  • Guillermo Carrasco wrote on June 26, 2009 report

    Mr. Frisell is an incredibly honest musician, loyal and faithful to his music, it is been a pleasure to read this interview. Thanks.

  • Gerry Walden wrote on June 27, 2009 report

    You can view a gallery of my Bill Frisell images at