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  • Katherine Johnson wrote on November 01, 2009 report

    How refreshing it is to read an interview that is informational but not lengthy. Insightful but not pretentious. Entertaining but without all the hype that usually accompanies such articles. Here's a guy that not trying to draw attention to himself yet does so by being humble, classy, and sophisticated. Well done.

  • Seamus Flannigan wrote on November 04, 2009 report

    I recently met Charlie out where he was performing. He's a stand up gentlemen in every sense of the word. This interview reads like the man: straight forward, humble, polite, and confident. Like the artist, it says so much yet retains a brevity that leaves you wanting more. Brill!

  • Jessica Tetzloff wrote on November 08, 2009 report

    Wow! Talk about saying so much by saying so little! Charlie's interview reads like a real life conversation with the man himself. No fluff, no ego, just a man with reverence for the art and for those that came before him. We could all do well to borrow a page from his "book" and emulate the man.

  • Heather Staha wrote on November 11, 2009 report

    Straight ahead and strong! A fantastic article showcasing a great artist.

  • Tyrone Jackson wrote on November 19, 2009 report

    I talked with Charlie at the New Apartment Lounge when he was on a break. He listens and talks to people, not at them. Reading this article reminds me of speaking to the man. He's real and not a fake or a phony. This interview captures the true spirit of a great drumming man.

  • James Canady wrote on December 19, 2009 report

    Charlie is not just a great drummer, he's a great musician! Read and reread the article and you'll find the richness of his words are equal to the richness of his playing.

  • George M'Becktu wrote on January 14, 2010 report

    This is my favorite drummer ever. His polyrhythms remind me of some of the East African tribal drummers. He is very American in his play but also draws from many other international influences. This interview is very much how he was when I spoke with him recently after one his performances. He plays as he speaks: straight ahead with no ambiguity.

  • Wade Bailey wrote on January 21, 2010 report

    Sweet, concise, informational without the usual wordiness that accompanies most interviews. Refreshing. Thanks.

  • Jean Spaulding wrote on March 18, 2010 report

    Well done! A refreshing interview that is down to earth and real.

  • Paul King wrote on April 14, 2010 report

    Brilliantly executed and well put. No pomp or pretentious charades but instead a straight ahead interview that restores my belief and faith in jazz musicians. Congratulations on a job well done!