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  • Liv Chaca wrote on June 16, 2009 report

    Mom introduced me to Jazz, or that's what I always thought. While I spent every other weekend for some time, at her pad in old Hollywood on Gower, left off Beachwood. That was when I was nine. Now at the age of fifty-seven, I finally see it wasn't really Mom at all, who introduced me to Jazz, it was Freddy. The boyfriend who was in a band, he played drums and he let us play with his vibes that were set up in the kitchen. One of my last memories of Freddy, was watching him as he jumped off the back of a truck with his bag of sticks. It was five in the morning, on a Sunday. The commotion woke me and I looked out the window, Mom was happy! Years later, when we moved into Step-Dad's house, much to my pleasure he had a reel to reel and I found a tape of Chico Hamilton. I played it constantly, until one day our luxurious home was broken into. The reel to reel was stolen, along with the tape, damn it!!! So my point is, I realize now it was Freddy Manton and not Mom, who introduced me Jazz .....and all those great vibes!!! Love you Chico, Love you Freddy!!!