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  • Tom Bartchak wrote on September 28, 2009 report

    This is a fabulous interview with Dennis.
    I befriended him over 20 years ago and it's great to hear his voice again.
    We sure do miss him!
    Thanks for this interview.

  • David Irwin wrote on December 10, 2009 report

    Tom, I agree totally. This is an excellent piece of biography and jazz history.

  • David Irwin wrote on June 13, 2010 report

    Laura, I have read this interview over and over, and I still am learning from it. You did a fabulous job of providing important information that wasn't recorded anywhere else. I'm sending a copy tomorrow to our high school clarinet teacher.

    Once again, thank you, so much.


  • David Irwin wrote on June 13, 2010 report

    Lora, Sorry to misspell your name in that post!