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  • Mark A Forrest wrote on October 18, 2009 report

    Alessandro Bottura Lets Loose The Perfect Debut Album Of Instrumental Funk Songs In The New Morning Grooves CD. This album is full of wonderful surprises. The movements are complex and yet simple. All tracks are a delight to the ears.

    "Funk, Rock, Pop and Jazz all mixed up in this first album by Italian bass player Alessandro Bottura; a 9-track instrumental journey in a Fusion experience that learns from masters such as Weather Report, Yellowjackets, Rippingtons, Spyro Gyra and MM&W."

    -CDBaby Review-

    "Born from the abundance of ideas (some good, some other less, I must admit), from the need of listen as realized what I've got in my head and from the almost total absence of external collaborators, the project Morning Grooves contains everything that influenced me in my musical career, from Hard Rock to Funk, passing through Pop an Jazz: so, it mustn't be surprising finding here recalls and quotations more or less explicit to well-known songs and artists and not. The title itself comes from the situation in which these song are written, that is during my daily morning training sessions, from which I take some permissions to develop any possible ideas. The project has finally taken the definitive form of LP at the beginning of 2009, thanks to the support and the collaboration given by Mark A. Forrest, Musical Manager and Publisher known on IMISound, and now on sale at Itunes,, Napster, 7Digital, SoundClick, Lala, and CDBaby." -Alessandro Bottura-

    The artist from Modena proposes a hot and sophisticated work. Maybe just too much for the barbaric and rough tastes of Supporto Italiano, but in a way, advisable for whom has the luck to have a delicate and attentive ear. Alessandro Bottura is an awesome bass player, just as many others on the earth after all. But only a few of them has the strength to challenge the marketplace alone.

    Alessandro studies at PercentoMusica in Roma with the Masters Massimo Moriconi, Pierpaolo Ranieri, Mario Guarini, Luca Pirozzi, Alessandro Patti (electric bass), Massimo Fedeli (playing ensembles and improvisation), Aldo Fedele, Franco Ventura (playing ensembles), Andrea Avena, Stefano Scatozza (music theory), Fabrizio Aiello (rythmical awareness), and continues the studies also at the Accademia di Musica in Modena, following the improvement class instructed by M Giuseppe La Monica.

    The record is the synthesis of the bassists enterprising research. It comes out under the overview of Maftrust Inter Vivos of Las Vegas.

    A curriculum rich and full-bodied that comes out from the composition exposed on this Morning Grooves. Alessandro Bottura, between straight funk and fusion virtuosity, gives wonderful hyper-technical attacks attended by research and bright and expressive solutions.

    It wont be the record of the century, but our brave bass player knows his stuff and will certainly make talk about him in future. Vote: 8,5/10? - Fabrizio Maulu -

    Three of the songs from the album "Morning Grooves" are available for DJ's and Radio Stations to download online at AirPlay Direct:

  • Mark A Forrest wrote on September 17, 2010 report

    Brand new Morning Grooves review appeared on Italian magazine MovimentiProg

    Enjoy it and stay tuned for more!

    Mind, Passion And Instinct: the triptych Mind, Passion and Instinct- the title of one of the songs that make up this disc seems to be the compass that guides the work of Alessandro Bottura. The little genius of progressive fusion and funky colors, the young musician from Modena is more than a bassist: composer and instrumentalist, has created this intriguing debut album Morning Grooves in complete solitude.
    After having the experience in groups such as NoLogo and Landslide Ladies, Bottura studied in the USA with Jeff Berlin and returned back to Italy where he received more endorsements. The meeting with the manager Mark A. Forrest back in the States and through Las Vegas they have launched their project to the world. The hard fact is that they are enjoying wide international radio shows and good music reviews.
    The secret? The balance between the different components: the technical element is subordinate to the objectives clearly defined, the emotional balance of virtuosity, funk soul and warms the typical jazz-fusion solutions, often diverted into reggae and rock shores. Out of sight, the piece quoted at the beginning, the overwhelming MayDay Mayhem and Tropical Night mixing different influences (from jazz-rock as flesh of the 70s nu-jazz to contemporary, from Weather Report s Jaco goes to Medeski Martin & Wood), the calypso of Quetzalcoatl is buzzing as the eclectic funk Stern Memories from the vague references to Hendrix.
    A fine debut album from a valuable Italian musician, who awaits a second trial, perhaps with a group that can enhance even more its project.

    Donato Zoppo
    Movimenti Prog

  • Mark A Forrest wrote on October 14, 2010 report

    Alessandro Bottura is back with a brand new release after enjoying great success with his debut album, Morning Grooves, which was released in March 2009 to rave reviews by both critics and fans. Bottura’s latest track, “Spaccacuore” is a medium tempo groove that speaks of unrequited love and the pain that accompanies it. The constant “wah wah” on the guitar pedaling into a syncopated piano figure is a good backdrop for Bottura’s vocals which have a great smoky (and I might also add “sexy”) sound. In fact, this particular vocal performance reminds me of Phil Collins. Bottura, a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, drums and bass) does a great job with this song, originally recorded by Samuele Bersani in 2004, and then again in 2009 by Laura Pausani, who took it to new heights. The four piece rhythm section features a nice electric bass solo on the breakdown between verses. Morning Grooves both introduced Bottura and solidified him as a bonifide rock/pop/jazz musician with talent to stand the test of time – not an easy feat in the music industry. Bottura has been compared to Jaco Pastorius, an American jazz musician and composer who was widely known for his skills as an electric bass guitarist, and his performance on “Spaccacuore” only reinforces that parallel. The tune is solid, enjoyable though melancholy, and while it may be classified as adult contemporary rock, it is infused with a hint of jazz flavor for spice. “Spaccacuore” builds to a layered background with vocal harmonies and power fuzz guitar chords before fading to a nice finish. - Michele Wilson-Morris, MusicDish