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  • Jaijai Jackson wrote on March 17, 2009 report

    I loved your article, you are quite the young scholar...your way of communicating what you receive into your enlightening. You brought forth the best of who Russel Blake 'is' to an audience that might not be aware of his essence and talent. I was inspired to learn more about him as a person by way of his approach to performance, as I am in learning about his artistry. I didn't know he was Alex Blake's younger brother! How cool is that! Thanks for sharing who you are Mikayla, I look forward to your journey both musically and in the world of journalism.

    Creator of The Jazz Network

  • Sentimental Sundays w/ Tory wrote on March 17, 2009 report

    Inasmuch as your musicianship and journalism Mikayla, you posses the gift of touching lives on many fronts. You are 'realizing' your passions and stand infront of chance to grow anothers' craft. You have planted your musical seed and are nurturing your craft by elaborating the sentiments of our brother and sister artist through journalism! Well done! Well said! Very Well put together!

    Sentimetally Yours,
    Media Specialist, Radio Personality
    Tory Williams Barnett