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  • walter wrote on June 24, 2009 report

    I am not really one of those people who traverse the internet look for forums to comment one. But today I signed up on this website just to be able to leave this comment. I was looking up reviews on Adam Glasser as I will be seeing him live soon. I want to congratulate the author of this wonderful piece of review. I think that you have a bright carreer in journalism if you are not currently doing that. Your writing is captivating. Congratulations on a piece of art on Glasser.

  • meghan macmahon wrote on April 24, 2010 report

    I just heard a track from the album on the radio and this review has certainly prompted me to buy it. "Captivating" is quite the right word to describe this review, as the writing is unpretentiously about explicating and extolling the music, rather than promoting the literary aspirations of the writer. I've always loved harmonica for its enormous expressivity and have been trying in vain to chase down rarities (such as Arthur Benjamin's Harmonica Concerto composed for Adler, seemingly unavailable), so this music will help to ease the hiatus. Thank you, Raul.