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  • Lyn Horton wrote on February 15, 2009 report

    You neglected to mention Fred Lonberg-holm, cellist, who harks also from Chicago, in your list of 10tet players.

  • Lloyd N. Peterson Jr. wrote on February 15, 2009 report

    Hi Lyn,

    You are absolutely right. Thank you for catching my error. I am a huge admirer of his work in all facets of music.

    Thank you again.

    My best,


  • Cliff Chard wrote on September 25, 2009 report

    Amazing how people who have nothing to do professionally w/politics can see what a poison US involvement w/Iraq is.
    I love how Brotzmann equates the creation of his music to boxing. I have always thought of live music as a sporting event in that what is done onstage is complete, an increment of creation that is for the moment. If those involved have been 100% committed to the process, then it has been a success. You see in sporting contests again and again where the winning team between two that are closely matched, is the one that plays totaly committed to what they are doing.
    I hope these gentlemen, and others, continue the good fight, keep creating, drawing others into and teaching them their philosophies.