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  • Steve wrote on January 17, 2009 report

    Who wrote the Ray Warleigh piece? What about his sessions on Keef Hartley Band albums and his time with Paz, a great jazz/fusion band? What I read on your site was very short on a lot of the key things this guy has done. Please do some more research.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 18, 2009 report

    The author is, as is the case with all articles, displayed below the artist name. In this case the author is John Eyles and, as Managing Editor, while I cannot speak for John entirely, did feel it was worth mentioning that the primary emphasis of cd reviews, which are limited in length to a max of 500 words, is on the music at hand.

    Were he writing a more extensive piece I know that John does his research and likely already knows those groups you mention; but being a cd review he was limited so kept his focus strictly on the matter at hand.

    Thanks for writing, hope this helps clear things up a bit.
    John Kelman,
    Managing Editor,
    All About Jazz