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  • Ken Church wrote on October 26, 2009 report

    This is a really wonderful article and I'm looking very much to reading the remaining parts 2/5.
    Victor was a fellow countryman of mine and I too play Drums and Vibes, the latter now being my main instrument. Next to Milt Jackson Victor is my favourite Vibist, and like many people have said in your writeup, he was quite unappreciated in many ways. We can just count our lucky stars that he made many fantastic recordings, the greatest of which to me is "The Arrival of Victor Feldman" and that we have this legacy to marvel at for ever.
    Thank you Victor.

  • Guy Mann wrote on November 03, 2010 report

    Great write up Steve ! I am friend's with Stan Levey's family. I used to go out to lunch with Stan often. My first professional recording date I did as a drummer had Victor Feldman playing Synth! Yes Stan used to tell me how great Victor was! He played me a reel to reel tape of the two of them with Scotty Lafaro. Stan said it was the fastest tempo he ever recorded! It was blazing!! Thanks for all the info on these giants of jazz!!

  • Trevor Feldman wrote on December 14, 2010 report

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this artcle and will read it all, but it is odd that Mr Cerra says that my father "[wrote]" for Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan; he played for them.

  • Mike Westgate wrote on February 07, 2011 report

    Trevor, your father was the most remarkable pianist and composer.

    In my recording career I have come across two people that knew him.

    An American composer who worked with him who said to me he was such
    a gentleman and a New Zealand aquaintance who lived near you father.
    We met at a dinner party, talked about recording and jazz, and then I asked
    did you know Victor Feldman.
    He burst into tears and said you have to tell somebody you admire them while they are here!!!!!
    We both cried together much to the astonsihment of our wives and the hosts.

    I have collected everything I can find that your father worked on and so love his astounding playing!!

    Kind regards to you and your family