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  • Richard G. D'Alba wrote on January 06, 2009 report

    I am a friend of Charlie's from Oakfield New York the place Charlie grew up. We were good friends and then Charlie left town and moved to Calif. after high school.
    I was never at the club but I kept in touch with Charlie and JoAnn on a regular basis. We would meet in Las Vegas every few years and talk about the club and old times.
    Charlie was a great guy and never forgot his roots. He loved Jazz all his life and I played with him in our band during our school years. Charlie played sax and I was the drummer. We played at all the school functions before the sporting events and at the Church when they had fundraisers. We worked together on the Muck weeding onions and worked at the canning factory all through high school. We both learned at an early age the hard work was the way to get ahead.
    Charlie was planning to come back East in September but then decided that the club was to important and did not want to eliminate the jazz groups for that short period cause he had to be there at all times.He loved the jazz club and the people he met there. I will miss our talks and all the e-mails thanks to JoAnn.Charlie was one of a kind and he never thought of the club as work but only as pure enjoyment.
    I will treasure our friendship and all the fun and laughs we shared. Rest in peace Charlie O as you touched the lives of many.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on October 08, 2012 report

    When I returned to the scene 2001 I hqad the pleasure of working Charlie Os many times with cats like Ron Eschete-Roy MCurdy-Dave carpenter R I P- Sam Most-Don Rader and like that.The club was one of the last of the kind-the kind all us cats coming up in the 50s learned our craft eg. changes. Charlie Os (the club) is no more. Jo-Ann hung on with help from her brother as long as she could in these changeing times- this brave new world where the bar isin't just lowered- but dropped on the ground as in- hey, lets go out and hear some jazz. You must be kidding, we'd miss american Idol. Oh yeah! Phuggit! Mort Weiss