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  • Steven Joyce wrote on December 06, 2008 report

    I have to say I strongly disagree. You may like jazz, be a musician, etc.., and you may prefer the politics of Obama - but trying to link those together is absurd. The fundamental difference between liberal and conservative views is that liberals believe more strongly in the role of government - i.e. that the government should take a greater role in controlling your life. Conservatives believe in being free from government, to the extent possible in a civil society. The freedom which is at the heart of jazz improvisation is much more closely aligned with conservative political ideals, despite how many jazz musicians would likely profess to being themselves strongly liberal.

  • Michael Ricci wrote on December 06, 2008 report


    I think the "big government conservatism" of the last eight years makes one wonder what it means to be a conservative. George Bush is no Ronald Reagan. And based on his appointments (mostly centrist), I wouldn't label Barack Obama as a liberal.

    I do feel the Obama administration will be a complete departure from the worst administration in U.S. history. And a "point of departure" sounds like jazz to me. :)