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  • Justin A. White wrote on November 12, 2008 report

    This is an excellent review of an excellent cd. I am taken by this author's analysis because it illuminates the interactive reality of great jazz. Thanks to J. Hunter the reader realizes that the music on Guitars is the consequence of a deeply organic creative process.

    The acknowledgement of this process is too frequently subsumed by many jazz critics'practical, yet somewhat compulsive, preoccupation with the finished product. Actually, it appears to me that many jazz writers are forced to approach their reviews as if the creative process were designed to bear something akin to sedimentary rock. Fortunately, Guitars, due to the informative liner notes and the accompanying DVD, equips the reviewer with significant insights and the reader benefits.

    Certainly, the raw material of Guitar, and other great jazz cd's, is the penultimate human the creative drives of very talented artists in concert with a collective desire to realize a very dynamic end result. The result in these instances is music that is, at once, a self-report and a vehicle for in-depth examination.

    I have had Guitars for three weeks and I play it almost daily. The apparent hard-driving competitiveness is overlain by the challenges of collective engagement and group expression.

    A round of kudos to J. Hunter for this eminently satisfying review of this powerfully engaging cd. The musical outcomes are even greater than the sum of the very exceptional parts.