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  • Raul Rodriguez wrote on November 19, 2008 report

    Excellent article !! I Admire Mr. Colionne for " Making a Difference ! and salute Miss Mikayla Gilbreath for an Excelent article

  • Carol Ray wrote on December 04, 2008 report

    Mikayla, you write beautifully and you have captured Nick to a "T". Thank you for a great article.

  • Brian Gilbreath wrote on December 07, 2008 report

    What a great article Mikayla!!! You never cease to amaze me. Reading this article gave me new insights into this performer. Keep writting GREAT articles.

  • janice m edwards wrote on November 27, 2010 report

    Hey Nick: I saw you twice in Michigan City Indiana. I was very dissapointed with the performance at Blue Chip Casino. The one time you performed in Washington Park on the Lake mad me so excited. Your skills are amazing. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon again in Michigan City. Take care Janice-Love ya.......