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  • Ron Weinstock wrote on October 26, 2008 report

    Reading this I doubt you have listened to other recordings by Estes. This is clearly the weakest of his Delmark albums, although not without its moments. I suggest you and anyone intrigued, check out The Legend of Sleepy John Estes, or Brownsville Blues, of his Delmark recordings, or a reissue (I do not know what is in print) of his pre-World War 11 recordings.

  • John Barron wrote on October 26, 2008 report

    No "doubt" about it Ron, I've been enjoying my Sleepy John Estes records for quite sometime. I'll try not to take your insult personally. Believe me, as I was sifting through an enormous pile of discs for review, this one was a sight for soar eyes/ears. Sorry you didn't agree with my take on things but I appreciate you taking the time to read. Thanks and keep the blues alive my friend.