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  • Ruthanne Terrero wrote on August 07, 2010 report

    The legendary and much beloved Ray Passman passed away peacefully on Saturday, July 31, 2010. He will be remembered for most recently helping many new singers who arrived on the New York music scene in search of fulfilling their dreams. We'll of course remember him for his fabulous lyrics and for the fact that he was an ardent protector of jazz and the standards. He was many wonderful things, but he'll probably be remembered most for being a great, great friend to many, many people.

  • Peter White wrote on October 16, 2010 report

    Ray Passman was a good friend to my father Edward "Eddie" White, who was also a song wrter He was a kind man who helped me when my father passed away. Ray also handled my father's foreign royalties from the song "Yojimbo" I recently sent him a letter which was returned to me as DECEASED - NO FORWARDING ADDRESS. If anyone can tell me how to contact his son or who is handling his business, I'd appreciate it. Peter White -