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  • Ken Maas wrote on November 09, 2008 report

    I just wanted to commend John Kelman for an incredibly well-written review of the Genesis box set. We Genesis fans are used to reading the same old tired reviews about the band, so it's refreshing to read one that speaks so highly of their early music. Thanks for the great work.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 09, 2008 report

    Thanks for the very kind words Ken. Trust me when I tell you that reviewing this box was a definite labor of love and a thorough pleasure from start to finish. Despite having to move on to other music for review, I'm having a hard time letting this music go. It's just that good.

    I go back to the early days in the '70s, saw the group a number of times with Gabriel (including The Lamb tour) and was thrilled when the Genesis folks and Rhino gave me the opportunity to review the box.

    It's been very gratifying to see the prog and Genesis boards largely supporting the review - you guys are my toughest audience when it comes to this stuff, so if you like it, that's the best complement I can get.

    FYI, thanks to this review, they've also sent me the other two boxes, so I'll be reviewing those in the next couple months, meaning that there will be extensive coverage of Genesis' entire studio discography at AAJ, and I plan to set it up so each box set review allows you to link internally to the others, so watch out!

    Thanks again, and best wishes,

  • Errol Conant wrote on November 13, 2008 report

    My compliments, John,on your erudite and totally interesting analysis of Genesis' early work and the subsequent and newly released box set. Having been a Genesis admirer since the early days, and having seen the band in Chicago for all three night's performances in October 2007, it's exciting to read well-written, informative, and properly researched articles such as yours about such musical pioneers and personal heroes.Thank god for progressive rock, from my earliest heroes procol harum to the incredible virtuosity of Gentle Giant, in keeping the music challenging and audially interesting. Thanks again, John, as your work is equally engaging and worth a a number of rereads-informational and entertaining. Long live progressive rock, as it's best truly does "shine on brightly." sincerely, Errol

  • John Kelman wrote on November 13, 2008 report

    Thanks Errol, for the very (perhaps overly!) kind words. FYI, if you're into the prog stuff, here are some things I'm working on:

    1. Reviews of Genesis 1976-1982 and 1983-1992, to complete the series and all of which will link internally to each other;
    2. Review of forthcoming Henry Cow 40th Anniversary 9CD/1DVD box
    3. Review of King Crimson Collectors Club #39.

    And, of course, plenty of jazz!