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  • Lyn Horton wrote on October 05, 2008 report

    Joe McPhee rarely worked with drummers until recently, because he carried a rhythmic sense that was/is so strong that he did not need a drummer to carry the pulse. When he chooses drummers, he selects them to work with his improvisation in more of an abstract than rhythmic way.

    When he recorded "Emancipation Proclamation" with Hamid Drake, McPhee was stepping into new territory that allowed him to blossom yet again. Every time McPhee records with new players, he is educating himself, renewing his sense of self, renewing his sense of his bond to the music, which is for him, "like breathing."

    This is the reason that even though McPhee is approaching his 70th birthday, he is as young as the day when he recorded "Freedom and Unity."

    Jimmy Giuffre worked without a drummer too...I forget the name of the record.

    Observing that a drummer is missing seems to be plugging the music into a stereotypical format. This addresses more of the format than what the music actually does outside of the format.