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  • Jaijai Jackson wrote on October 01, 2008 report

    What an inspiring article! I loved learning the beginings of Alphonse Mouzon and the wonderful musical experiences he had on his journey. Mikayla, you did a brilliant job depicting the pinacal moments of Alphonses life and his very special essence. The Jazz Network family is proud of your journalism skills and your ease at expressing your vision of excellence both on paper and through your horn. Great job!!

    Jaijai Jackson
    aka. "Woman of Jazz"
    Creator of The Jazz Network

  • Steve Getz wrote on October 01, 2008 report

    What a good article! You have a real flair and a talent for writing, I am very impressed!

    Steve Getz

  • Emmanuel Kosadinos wrote on October 01, 2008 report

    Great article; it accounts the stunning career of that brilliant musician i, a very sober and yet enthusiastic style.
    Bottom line: if you have a dream, you got to be tenacious!

  • Celeste Mitchell wrote on October 01, 2008 report

    You are an old soul well on your way to being a fine jazz journalist. Your articles really come alive. They are informative, educational and entertaining; and you are a darn good writer. I'm sure your musicianship is excellent as well. Keep up the good work, follow your passion, and never take no for an answer. I salute your talent and tenacity. I'm hoping you'll be an inspiration to other young people who can also follow their hearts. I'll continue to support your work and read your pieces. Thanks for your enthusiasm and love which is what you have poured into these articles.


  • Mechelle laChaux wrote on September 07, 2009 report

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much for all that history....Wow you are a prolific writer! Lovin' it!