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  • brother rap wrote on July 10, 2012 report

    "Don Patterson (1936-1988) wasn't the most distinctive organist to follow on the heels of Jimmy Smith's success."

    I beg to differ with you in regard to the above. Don Patterson has probably the most soulful pure jazz arpeggios beyond Jimmy Smith, the undisputed master, then he swings easily back into the groove. Patterson's left hand base lines are smooth and crisp providing an excellent soulful platform for all noted Saxophonists and Guitarists, as well as noted Trumpet players. He's more than adequately articulate with his right lead hand. Whether up-tempo or ballad, I've yet to get bored by his style. I mean no disrespect to the others but I certainly don't find that as being true with many of the other greats, as much as I love them as well, McDuff, McGriff, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Lonnie Liston Smith, their repetitive grind wears me down, but not Don Patterson for some reason. He sounds like cooling water most of the time and that's what's so mellow about this cat, may he R.I.P.