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  • Ken Dryden wrote on August 02, 2008 report

    I am puzzled as to why any AAJ reader would be interested in the forgettable pop of George Michael...but to each his own.

  • Tony Miceli wrote on August 02, 2008 report

    is this a joke? george michael? jazz website. i'm dumbfounded. is there some sort of bridge between him and jazz i don't get? did he release a cd of standards.

    this seems pretty cheezy to even put this up here, but maybe i'm missing something.

    did he cover giant steps?

    ok, let me know what i've missed here.

  • John Kelman wrote on August 07, 2008 report

    Just a quick response. AAJ's content has always been, remains and will continue to be primarily jazz-centric (with, of course, the broadest definition possible). But there are plenty of readers who listen to music beyond its furthest reach, and we have no problem with a certain percentage of coverage beyond the jazz purview. If mags like Down Beat can be "Jazz, Blues and Beyond," then so can we.

    And so we shall. If you aren't interested in a piece about an artist for which you've no interest, with all due respect, just don't read it.

    The day that AAJ begins to weigh heavily away from jazz is the day we're in trouble. That will never happen. But we will continue to allow out contributors to stretch beyond when they want. The numbers clearly reflect that a certain percentage of AAJ's readership is interested in this, as the hits on Michael's George Michael review are pretty damn strong for an article that's been up less than a week.

    John Kelman