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  • Michael Ricci wrote on January 24, 2009 report

    Hi Folks!

    All About Jazz is looking for help, and like Wikipedia, we rely on the assistance of knowledgeable, caring and dedicated people.

    If you're interested in contributing to AAJ, please read these two messages:

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  • annette preston wrote on September 08, 2009 report

    my husband eddie preston was born on may9, 1925 thank you for correcting this ,annette preston

  • William Noce wrote on September 10, 2009 report

    I have been looking for the cd "Count Basie 1952-53 Chronological Classics 1389" for almost a year. Can't find it in the US. Any suggestions for European dealers?
    I hear cuts from this cd on Pandora consistently (as recently as today). I have asked them if they will legally download the cd for a fee, and, of course, I get no reply.
    I know that Chron. Classics has changed hands a few times, but somebody must know the disposition of it at the present time.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    Bill Noce, Bend, Oregon USA

  • annette preston wrote on September 19, 2009 report

    Eddie Preston, was also a good composer He wrote a love song to me called, a All For Me, he also wrote other songs But in my heart I will always be all for Eddie Preston

  • Steve Oda wrote on December 13, 2009 report

    Would someone please tell me more about the Japanese Momotaro Modern Jazz Opera that is up on U-tube. Acknowledgement was given to Ted Gioia and Sean Singer for letting us know about this wonderful group. Thanks for any background.

  • Karen Kurokawa wrote on December 27, 2009 report

    For Steve Oda re "Modern Jazz Opera: Momotaro." The skit, originally aired on March 1, 1986, is from the now off-air t.v. variety show called Konya Wa Saiko (Tonight is Best) hosted by a famous comedian named Tamori. Tamori also has a daytime t.v. show that's still on the air, which my husband estimates has been going for about 25 years, because just like Konya Wa Saiko, he used to watch it before he moved to the USA. Tamori, who plays the grandmother and the bird in the Momotaro skit, is really blind in his right eye (hence his trademark eye patch) and plays the trumpet, although Shuji was reluctant to call him a trumpeter. He is well-known for doing these broad comedic skits that sometimes take classical stories and themes as their base such as the Peach Boy folk tale (Momotaro). He often would use really unexpected music (right) to turn them into "operas".

  • christo wrote on May 08, 2010 report

    hello boys and girls je suis français and american son il y aurais t'il somme personne qui parle french???????? i love jazz and make it see you too nouvelles Christo from le camenber

  • orange moon wrote on February 07, 2011 report


  • Dennis Franklin wrote on May 24, 2011 report

    Hello Jazz Fans! I'm in need of someone who can appraise a vintage jazz collection of vinyl recordings. I believe someone can direct my path through this request placed here.

  • Barrau wrote on May 30, 2011 report

    Hello Jazz lovers out there,
    I wish to find a collector of blues and jazz who would be interested in my small collection. Am 72 now and started collecting when 17 or so. Mainly original 78 records Ma Rainy, Bessie Smith, Lonnie Johnson, Kid Oliver, Louis Armstrong hot five and seven et.c and a few vinyl ones. Then a shelf of books on Jazz and ancient Magazines such as DownBeat and Metronome and Jazz Journal etc.
    I think it is time to pass the small collection on to another person, who might enjoy them and appreciate them.
    Have compiled a list, so is there any body out there to share my love of Jazz music of that age ?
    Thanks for taking time to read my message.

  • Ron alberico wrote on June 25, 2011 report

    Hello all, I have been looking for an LP I remember as a high school student about 20 years ago. It was Clark Terry, Oscar Peterson and a bass clarinet player. I think his name may have been listed as Dr. Oglethorpe. The album included theme from the Flintstones, On green Dolphin Street among others. Does anybody know where I can find this LP?

  • manish gupta wrote on August 25, 2011 report

    i am also fan of jazz sir!
    thanks for sharing to all....

  • James McLaughlin wrote on September 30, 2012 report

    I am new to this site. I am not a professional musician just a jazz lover. I read a some what negative comment on Phill Shaap on the message board. I guess that shouldn't surprise me. I love Phil, and thank him for introducing me to the world of Jazz. I find it hard to believe that any Jazz listener wouldn't like Phil.

  • Richard C. Milhon wrote on October 28, 2012 report

    I have been receiving frequent emails from Jazz Near You at a different email address. I want to change to this email address. I can find no way to accomplish that on your web site. Please advise. (formerly