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  • Dan Warburton wrote on June 02, 2008 report

    Hello Nic - it's a refreshing change to have a lukewarm review once in a while ;-) AAJ regulars may have noticed that this album is in fact a recording of the concert we gave in Alchemia, Cracow, last June, which Philip Palmer enthused about here:
    Better listen to the album then and decide who you agree with - Nic or Philip!
    As a music journalist of sorts myself I know how tough it is to review stuff, in terms of finding the time to listen to the album (once is never enough), and at the correct volume levels (loud, of course). From what you write you seem to appreciate the quieter end of things, which this project is definitely not interested in exploring. There's plenty of ultra-minimal improv out there with Jean-Luc Guionnet as it is.
    I would also like to point out that the name of the GROUP is Return Of The New Thing, and Alchemy the ALBUM TITLE. Perhaps you'd like to rectify that if you have a chance (without wishing to seem churlish, I take it you're not familiar with the other albums we've released.. or maybe it's just a blip at editorial level). Many thanks (and play it at full volume next time round)!

  • John Kelman wrote on June 02, 2008 report

    Hi Dan,
    I'll let Nic field all the comments re: the content of his piece, but with respect to the article/group, unless someone has fixed this before me, it does correctly read as the album title Alchemy and the group name, Return of the New Thing. The large, bolded item is the article (or, in this case, CD) name, and the smaller print below and to the left of the record label is, indeed, the group name.

    Either way, it reads correctly now.

    John Kelman,
    Managing Editor,
    All About Jazz

  • Dan Warburton wrote on June 02, 2008 report

    Thanks for clearing that up, John. Pass on my regards to Nic for his birthday, which I see from your site is in three days' time. Alas, too late for me to send him the complete discography of Return Of The New Thing in time :)