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  • Brain wrote on June 10, 2008 report

    I just picked it up Yitzhak Yedid 'Reflections upon Six Images' a couple days ago.
    I was interested in this CD because F.Houle is playing on it. At hearing the first 2 numbers I thought, 'hmm.. that pianist is playing as if the piano-tuner is working..' but then I was drawn-in into a soundworld that stretches from free-jazz-impro to modern-classical concerts like the ones of Alfred Chnittke . Yes, a big name indeed..and that is what I feel with the listening of the music of this Yitzhak Yedid.. First meeting with a genius.
    Incredible! These four musicians make me listen to a complete orchestra-concert! Where are all those sugestive tones coming from? Is it coming from the undertones in the piano, the way they weave the sounds? There is melancholy, arabic tonal lines, the free feel of avantgarde and beauty of deep spiritual lifting.. timeless music.