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  • Samuel Chell wrote on June 06, 2008 report

    Every musician's heard of Bird, but increasingly it appears not every musician has heard Bird. Thanks to this exhaustive and illuminating yet heartfelt review of the Mosaic box, that should change, if ever so slightly. Re: the Massey Hall concert, I still can't decide whether I prefer the OJC version or the Spanish import, so like you I keep them both (the latter, as I recall, has decent bass even without benefit of Mingus' later overdubbing of his part). The recent discovery of the 1946 Town Hall concert, as welcome an addition as it is to the discography, has imo been over-hyped. The audio quality is not as remarkable as claimed and, despite the singular extended-playing format, both Bird and Diz limit their solo time. Bird appears to have been no fan of long solos--perhaps because, like Tatum, he could get it all said in 3 minutes or less. (Maybe the photos of Bird and Diz looking like typical (skinny) teenagers are the highlight of the disc.)