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  • Larry Kronen wrote on April 14, 2008 report

    Albeit Ms Evingson is quite talented, to single her out as Minneapolis' sole contribution to jazz vocalism is, at best, myopic. We are blessed with a plethora of fine vocal talents ( female and male! ) All this reference (or is it hype) to being solely indigenous to Minneapolis or Minnesota as a lone classification is nothing but polarization and dis-service for the exclusion of the many other fine jazz singers we are blessed in having..

    Larry Kronen

  • RonF wrote on April 19, 2008 report

    I read the review again to be sure and nowhere could I find Connie being singled out as the "sole contribution" to jazz vocalism in Minneapolis. It's a pretty positive assessment of another fine release by a very fine vocalist. No hype, no polarization, no disservice. Who are some other Minneapolis vocalists?

  • Larry Kronen wrote on May 01, 2008 report

    mea culpa

  • Larry Kronen wrote on May 01, 2008 report

    Lucia Newell, Judi Donaghy, Debbie Duncan, Patty Peterson, Carol Martin, are some of the more prominent singers. Ms. Duncan is an institution here in the twin cities. This is but a few and I could add a half dozen more that are in need of more acclaim.