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  • Samuel Chell wrote on April 26, 2008 report

    Bennett's comment that "Ralph Sharon never played a bad note for me" deserves to be taken seriously. I doubt there's a greater Bill Evans fan than I, but their two meetings may not deserve all of the accolades they've received. Bennett's most underrated recording, imo, is "On Holiday," as dead-on a tribute to Billie Holiday as I've heard. Tony captures not the iconic but the authentic Lady Day of the 1930s and 1940s Columbia and Commodore recordings. Strings are employed, but never to a smothering effect, and Tony's voice isn't doctored by excessive reverb. But the key to the date's success is Ralph Sharon's piano which (like Teddy Wilson's on the originals) is in the foreground, unassisted by booming walking bass (as a result, evoking the historical musical context). As Bennett contends, he and Sharon were always on the same page musically.