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  • David Friedman wrote on April 14, 2008 report

    This is all very nice, but I thought that "all about jazz" should be about jazz! There is "zero" jazz input in this music. Where is the editor?!

  • John Kelman wrote on April 16, 2008 report

    Thanks for writing David.

    While All About Jazz's primary purview is, indeed, jazz - though that's a very broad term these days, and seemingly broader with each passing day - we do also cover a relatively small percentage (somewhere in the vicinity of 2-3%) of material farther afield. Like many of our readers, many of our contributors listen to music on a broader spectrum, and are interested in writing about some of it here. Based on our statistics, it's clear that many of our readers agree.

    Thanks for your comment, David, but I can assure you that the day All About Jazz becomes predominantly about music that doesn't fall into the broadest definition of jazz will be the day we start to worry. At this point, we don't think providing occasional coverage of material from other arenas is at all out of order.

    John Kelman,
    Senior Editor

  • David Mints wrote on April 22, 2008 report

    I have just received the CD ordered from Amazon.Its doesnt matter at all for me if its jazz or not, its just a very good CD of improvised composed music.
    Yedids compositions are very challenging and most interesting, and Ive been following his music since the release of his CD Myth of the Cave with Canadian clarinetist Houle,- the concert at the vancouver jazz fest' was great!
    The performers at the OUd TRio- the three of them are amazing, especially the piano solo on the third part, and the bassist is unbelievable on the bow playing.
    Thank you AAJ for letting us know about adventure music!
    Tell me David, Is George Gershwin a Jazz musician??