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  • Adam Carr wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    What day is it again.....? erm... can't remember.... Oh well. Anyway, jazz banned!!! Nooooooooooooo! It can't be! Damn you Pepsi, damn you world! I'm going to set up a Guerrilla army and go underground, we have to fight to save Jazz from this evil oppressive force! (Maybe by posting this obviously sarcastic message i'm being a spoil sport, but what do you do)

  • Tom Sorensen wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    I am going to start a campaign and demonstrate in the streets. We should all go out and buy a full case of Pepsi JASS and pour each can into the sewer. Besides "Diet soda causes cancer" people should also get back on track. Do your part for JAZZ drink Classic Coke. The word Classic hasn't been usurped yet has it. Coca - cola in charge of Bac? What a horrid thought.

  • Michael Ricci wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    I heard the waitstaff at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola have taken to the streets. They're wreaking havoc on Columbus Circle with their Vespas.

  • Barbara Salter Nelson wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    This just in...Pepsi is in a bidding war with Bill Clinton on eBay for the title sponsorship of the Legacy Jazz Festival in Florida.

  • Tracey Nolan wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    Well done : )

  • Phil DiPietro wrote on April 01, 2008 report

    Is jizz already trademarked? I know it leaves some sort of stain. Anyway, we could use that--but it could result in some sticky trademark legislation.

  • Mariano Oreamuno wrote on April 02, 2008 report

    I know this is funny right now... but just give them the chance and they'll take it. I mean, just say it, jazz, the word just feels good. ...mmm... I could use a beverage right now, perhaps.... wiskey and cola.