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  • Lasse Stener Hansen wrote on April 08, 2008 report

    I have read the article and must say i am impressed by the coverage, it's the longest article that has been written about POlarjazz as far as I can see, and most of it I enjoyed reading.

    What I didn't like was the coverage of the "vorspiel". The name voerspiel reflects on the fact that this is where local meets BEFORE the festival starts on thursday. This is an evening with an open mike and for each year more and more amateurs have been daring to put themselfes on stage, singing or playing for relatives and friends just for fun. The point is that we can make use of proffesional lightning and professional sound engineering that is brought up for the festival, which even make some of us sound better than we are used to. This is no place for jounalistic critisism. Everyone who stand on stage this night should be applauded for the efford made.
    The article misses this point totally, and even express things that might hurt.

    I think the writer should have taken more time to get these things clear, because this part of the article really misses the whole point of this evening. Maybe this even makes it worse for us who try to get people on stage for next year.

    That would be a shame