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  • Jason Schwager wrote on April 03, 2008 report

    There's good wine, good music, good art, and now it is extremely gratifying to me that Raul d'Gamma Rose's writing pens down the working of a mind that is authentic and original appearing in a journal of jazz alongside discussions of the vibrant music of our time.

    In him we find the mind of a writer, that a reader, an artist, or a musician would want to know. Good writers, should be more plentiful, and I hope Raul's work inspires other's craft and passion with thinking language.

  • Raul d'Gama Rose wrote on April 03, 2008 report

    There can be no art without commitment to the human condition. The music of jazz and the artists who practice it make that commitment day in and day out... As a musician and writer, I hope to make a difference too...Thank you Jason, for your kind words...Raul