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  • David A. Orthmann wrote on March 10, 2008 report


    I enjoyed reading your review. A fine, substantial piece of work.


    David O.

  • Samuel Chell wrote on March 10, 2008 report

    Thanks, David. I'm one of those who thinks Stitt gets the better of
    Rollins in the "Eternal Triangle" encounter, but there's little
    question whenever he picks up his alto, which is the case on every
    track save one on the present disc. Neither of these Verve sessions--
    "Saxophone Supremacy" or "Swings the Most"--had been reissued until
    now. (The Mosaic boxes are limited to his recordings for Roost and
    Roulette.) Thank goodness for these small European companies that know
    a good thing when they hear it!