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  • Terrence Ellington wrote on March 12, 2008 report

    This article took me back 40 years. I knew Aaron Bridges at the Living room, in fact crashed at his room several times. I was a regular at the Chat que Peche in those days and was blown away by Dolphy when he came. I was there for every set, going "Thats it,thats it" It was a revelation to a young expat not up on the latest. Then, seemingly days later, someone said Dolphy o.d in Berlin. I was deeply saddened by the loss, the guy was young, and who knows where he could have gone. And where he would have taken the music. All I know is he was deeply missed in Paris by a young jazz lover and I still play his recordings. Thank God he was recorded, there was a dixieland group in Clechy who was never recorded. Wonderful Sunday afternoons there went into the air, never to be heard again.

  • Clifford Allen wrote on March 12, 2008 report

    Wow, thank you for your stories and recollections - that's beautiful.


    Clifford Allen