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  • Tim Horner wrote on February 08, 2008 report

    Dear Budd ,

    In all fainess , it is so easy to see from your review of Mark Sherman's " Family First " CD that you did not listen to this music . I find this so irresponsible and is truely one of the things that just drives me crazy given the power that you people yield upon the artists careers and the potential buyers and listeners of our music . I don't know if you really understand this or not but our music , our recordings mean everything to us , the musicians that make it . Good or bad , we work hard at it generally our work comes from down deep . We deserve fair and true comments .

    First of , and this is the big one because a lot of your crtic revolves around the fact that this recording doesn't miss having drums on it . Well , I hate to tell you this but there are lots of drums on every track of this CD . The drummer was me , Tim Horner and in fact there is also a cut that has some brilliant congo drumming by Chembo Corneil as well . Budd , if you had listened to it before reviewing it then you would not have written what you did . By the way , Dean Johnson was not on the first CD , that was Phil Polumbi .

    Take your job seriously and listen to the music first . I mean you just can't review a piece of music without listening to it or maybe "YOU" can ? Musicians ultimately don't care if "you" like it or not but at least give the true facts man . I also suggest a bit of proof reading might help not stepping all over yourself like you did here . Have a good day Budd.