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  • Enrique Toussaint wrote on August 06, 2009 report

    I had left an extensive comment when this came out, but it was never posted.
    Once again, It really bothered me to read that my brother Eugenio sounds like Bob James and that I stayed neutrally within the harmonic framework of the compositions.
    It is pretty obvious that Mr. Sabbatini wasn't paying much attention to our set and just needed to write a comment. He failed to mention that Luis Conte was playing percussion and fabulously I may add. If he knew a little history or our music, he would've noticed that after playing the melody of the songs, we improvise everything else, so when I was staying neutrally within the harmonic framework of the song, I was improvising it and If it sounded neutral it is because I was following my brother Eugenio's harmonic movement and isn't that what my job as a bass player is?? I never slapped my bass.
    We only play our own music and if it sounds latin influenced it is because we are from latin america.
    Eugenio sounds nothing like Mr. James, if the sound of the keyboard had similarities to Mr. James' sound that is one thing, but the approach, harmonic concept and improvisation has no ties whatsoever. I would never comment on critics' articles but this one really bothered me. If you are going to write criticisms, do it in an informed way and when you listen to the music, really listen. You don't have to like it but at least write about what really happened.