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  • Luis wrote on January 30, 2008 report

    Hi Chip,

    Just a quick note to thank your for your review of my "Of Soul and Shadow" CD. I have a question for you. Have you thought of the possibility that perhaps my music is not "Latin Jazz", not even Jazz of any kind at all, but just compositions that happen to have brief moments of improvisation, music where those concepts of inner play and spontaneous creativity that you referred to, may not apply as direct as you may think? In other words, it is very well defined and arranged music, conceptually closer in form to rock, classical, bolero, tango, son joropo, R & B, etc. , music guided by aesthetic and conceptual rules other that those you think of and expect to be present while listening to Jazz. I have never thought of my music as Jazz of any kind, but some critics have. Perhaps that may give you a different perspective on what to expect when listening to my music. Just a question, food for thought. Once again, thanks so much. Best regards! Luis.