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  • Rock Turtleneck wrote on January 30, 2008 report

    Very funny writing style and I agree completely about Moon's abilities. I would say however that the best examples of his incredible drumming would be the Live at Leeds album and the video of the Isle of Wight concert, both recorded b/w Tommy and Who's Next. I am a music writer as well and also try to incorporate humor into my work. Check out my site Rock Turtleneck at - keep up the good work.

  • Billy Fox wrote on February 02, 2008 report

    Some years ago, Modern Drummer did a feature on Brian Blade. I seem to recall he spent a great deal of it talking about his enthusiasm for Keith Moon. I'm with him!

    In fact, I switched from trumpet in wind ensembles to drum set in rock bands largely because of my Who obsession in high school. Thanks, Keith, for messing up my life...drums are a helluvalot harder to cart around than a trumpet.

  • Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius wrote on February 02, 2008 report

    But more likely, in most circumstances, to get you some leg.