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  • Joe Giardullo wrote on February 29, 2008 report

    Thanks for the very satisfying interview with Altschul, a drummer who was certainly at the epicenter of the music that inspired a generation of players and fans.

    But it's really not another time, another place. Rather, it's as now as it has ever been.

    A few years ago, I ran into the writer John Szwed at a concert in New York, and he asked me what I'd been listening to recently. When I told him it was Circle's The Paris Concert, he was surprised, saying he didn't think he'd heard it in, perhaps, decades.I told him that was the same for me but I decided to listen again to the music that really inspired me.

    I advised him to give it a listen, and a few days later I got an very enthusiastic email from him that the music sounded "better than ever".

    Exactly. Thanks for the music, Barry- all of it!

    Joe Giardullo

  • Clifford Allen wrote on March 03, 2008 report

    Glad you dug the interview, Joe. Indeed, the various Circle recordings are really some of the most empathetic music of the period, and it's sort of a shame that they go under-recognized in Braxton's lengthy discography, let alone those of the other four member-leaders.

    I have a penchant for either punning on or flat-out nicking artists' album titles for the interviews, which is probably because when all has been said, it's really difficult to come up with titles when the artists' words are often so prophetic. But maybe I should've said "Another Time is Now" or something like that. Oh well...

    Happy reading!


    Clifford Allen

  • Joe Giardullo wrote on March 06, 2008 report

    Hello Clifford

    It was a great interview and belongs in any complete history of this music that we play.

    I suspect that Barry might have even more to say about that vital period.

    How about "Part 2" ?

    Joe Giardullo

  • Robert Novack wrote on March 09, 2010 report

    I enjoyed Barry's recollections very much. It brought back so many rememberances of my own of all the great players and music. I studied with Barry for a short time back in the early 70s, and while I signed on never having heard him play, he changed my whole perception of the drums, music and life in general. Thanks Barry.