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  • Stephen Haynes wrote on January 31, 2008 report

    Dear Troy,

    While we are always happy when attention is paid to Bill's work, there are a few points made in your review that stand correction.

    First, Bill's tenure at Bennington College, developing and chairing the singular Black Music Division, had no limiting effect of his touring and international work. If Bill has not been seen or heard from as frequently as some of his contemporaries, it has not been from lack of creation. Bill is prolific and works constantly. He always has. He has paid a price at times for being one of the most honest and articulate and uncompromising artists of his generation. Not everyone wants to hear the truth about the "business" of the music and perambulations of the so-called "scene."

    Bill's under-documentation through the recording industry is directly related to his uncompromising nature and fiercely consistant stance regarding the lot of the cultural worker here in America.

    The good news is that there are several waves of new documentation of Bill's current work either completed and awaiting release (Vision Festival 2007)or soon to be realized. Look forward to a wonderful new project for chamber ensemble this summer at New Haven's Firehouse 12, thanks to support from the LEF Foundation. We hope to reconvene the orchestra in New York, and to conduct a residency there in order to more fully develop and document the music.

    -Stephen Haynes