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  • Barry Todd wrote on December 26, 2007 report

    I first heard one of the title tracks on Late Junction (BBC Radio 3)about 2 months ago (surely the best music programme on radio!)and immediately put it on my Christmas wishlist. Christmas Day - I was not disappointed!! It works as pure ambient whilst at the same time merits closing off the rest of the world and just sitting and listening. The music raises a couple of questions for me. Firstly, is this entirely the product of synthesised and looped guitar with no added keyboards?? If so - how does Mr Fripp's Solar Voyager work? Secondly - how do I get to hear of RF's live performances BEFORE they happen. Oh to see him live!! (Surely one of my 50 things to do before...the end of time.)
    PS The man's a genius!

  • John Kelman wrote on January 12, 2008 report

    While I can't answer the question of HOW Fripp does it, I do know that no keyboards are involved - it's all triggered by guitar. It's been an amazing trip to follow from Frippertronics in the '70s to Soundscapes now, hasn't it?

    Thanks for writing - nice to see another Fripp-head out there!