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  • Ron Weinstock wrote on December 28, 2007 report

    As a long-time fan of Von Freeman and also of the blues, I find the comment that because opportunities to play jazz dried up, Von was forced to play for rhythm and blues and then lost to music because he played with bluesman is frankly idiotic. I seem to recall Von's first professional gig was playing with the legendary blues pianist Sunnyland Slim and certainly Von did not find playing the blues as being lost to music as he wrote a tune in dedication to the late pianist. Furthermore, at the time Freeman was with Otis Rush, Rush may have been at his most creative and intense musical period. While Rush's music, like playing in R&B bands may have limited what Freeman could play, he undoubtedly played wonderfully in this context, something that cannot be said of a lot of modern jazz performers. And his ability to play blues so fluently sets Von Freeman apart from numerous other tenor players.

  • Chris May wrote on December 30, 2007 report

    Ron misread me. I wrote that Freeman was lost to "the" music, meaning jazz music. Further, the review celebrates the inclusion of blues (and rhythm & blues) in Freeman's style and suggests it is one of the elements which makes his playing so transporting.