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  • Don Doty wrote on October 04, 2007 report

    This is one of the best, most comprehensive reviews I may ever have read. The swiss triple flam observation is what took this review over the top for me. Now that's some technical knowledge.

    Our friend at Fusenet, Dave Binder, always points these reviews out to us and includes links to them and I never fail to zip over and read them and enjoy them.

    But this one seems to shine all the more, for the unprecedented depth of coverage of this particular tour. Except for Feraud, I am very well exposed to these guys work and the observations Mr. Kellman makes seem spot-on (at least from the perspective of one who has not seen these shows but is familiar with the players).

    Many of us at Fusenet will dash of a quick CD or concert review or brief recap. Some do more formal and proper reviews and provide very interesting and enlightening opinions. All provide valuable discourse.

    As with these great musicians, Mr. Kelman seems to be operating at a higher level - at the intersections of love, finely honed skill, innate talent, and (probably) stubborn dedication.

    AAJ and Mr. Kelman's efforts there are very much appreciated.