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  • Mark E. Johnson wrote on November 14, 2007 report

    i am a big charles mingus fan. whenever there is a release i am usually on it.

    i read jazztimes on a regular basis. i read the article, in a recent issue, where supposedly mr. mingus wrote this really big piece and it was only performed one time in front of an audience. unfortunately for mr. mingus he never attempted to perform the piece again. the article stated that he never had the proper time to rehearse for such a large piece. and as a result they failed miserably when they tried to perform it. the article pointed out that the bulk of the score was found in a box at the mingus home. but they found that the score was not intact. they supposedly found the other part in a library, i wanna say philly, (not 100% sure) ...

    the article said that the whole score will be performed live on PBS. snd eventually this baby will be released in it entireity on cd. so im askin if and when this piece of work will be aired on pbs bwecause i want to be able to not miss it. and if u have a release date for the cd when will that be?

    this article really has my attention.

    thank you for your attention.