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  • Unknown Member wrote on September 10, 2007 report

    The Tanglewood Jazz Festival was a beautiful three days of jazz - and weather. Leonard would be have been happy with the sounds on the Bernstein Campus from Ozawa Hall to the Jazz Cafe at the top of the slope. I’m baffled by R.J. De.Luke’s notes on Hank Jones and Roberta Gambarini though. They should should have been “classy and intimate,” with his music and her appearance, but it didn’t come off for some of us on Sunday; we were bored finally by her lackluster timing and rhythm, she drained the melody out of the tunes to no redeemable effect, and if Jones and she had met before you wouldn’t have guessed. Disappointing if you were eagerly anticipating Mr. Jones.
    Mr. Kurt Elling on the other hand definitely sings jazz - and maybe something else. My Foolish Heart was spellbinding. and it pretty much stayed that way till the ‘Luisa’ duo with Romero Lubambo; Elling lost the Brazil in that. Bossa Brazil brought it all back though!