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  • Scott Emmerman wrote on September 04, 2007 report

    John McLaughlin's music has been a great inspiration to me throughout his career. Like Miles Davis before him, he is constantly evolving, constantly stretching boundaries and pushing ahead, all the while, staying true to his personal vision and his unique voice. I admire his musicianship and his creative spirit and welcome the opportunity to see and hear him perform with his new band on this recent concert tour.

    Regarding record labels, in my opinion, they only ever became truly relevant to the music world when they functioned as a real conduit for promoting the connection between artists and music lovers. Somehow along the way, the labels have forgotten this. The internet and digital communication have made the record labels obsolete however, they continue to try to operate in the old broken model of pandering to the masses, promoting the hot genre of the day and their one hit wonders.

    If they would ever concentrate on promoting true artists like John, record labels would find a legion of fans who would support this effort. Either way, his music will find its way to his fans. The reality of 2007 is that the record labels need to support real artists with real talent much more than the artists need the labels.

  • Lewis Reed wrote on September 04, 2007 report

    John McLaughlin is a groundbreaking artist. He has always been one of the very special musicians. Like Miles was a symbol of freedom in music, John is such a one.

    His relationship with Abstract Logix and working with small companies will set certain directions in the music industry. I have see more news about John McLaughlin in past 2 months than I have in last 10 years. This is a welcome change for one of the greatest if not the most influential jazz guitarist since 1968

  • John Cavuoto wrote on September 06, 2007 report

    I have always loved John's music. He has been able to realy allow the spirit of all music to flow unrestricted. Ditto for the previous comments. I will be seeing his tour here in NYC

  • Hamid-Reza Habibi wrote on September 18, 2007 report

    Hi Everyone!
    The following is a letter I've written to Chick Corea:

    Dear Chick Corea;
    You are one of the three Musical Zeus that exist on this Planet. The other two are:
    John McLaughlin & Joe Zawinul.
    After this sacred triangle I can add MMW, DJ LOGIC & Al Di Meola & John Scofield.
    I am trying to imagine what kind of album it can be melting these 4 precious stones with the three Musical Zeus!!! I\'m sure Igor Stravinsky & Bela Bartok will wait in the line to buy tickets to this musical journey in Heaven. I\'m not joking! I\'m deadly serious!

    The following is the answer I received:

    Dear Hamid-reza,
    Thank you for writing, Chick is always happy to receive communications from his friends around the world. He thanks you for your kind
    words. Please visit our website at: and fill out the form to receive special updates for Chick Corea fans.

    Amy Rooney
    Chick Corea Productions

    My point is to show my happiness. John mentioned in his interview that he'll launch a project with Chick Corea.
    Unfortunately one of the other Triangle Zeus members; Joe Zawinul passed away.

    If I was a millionaire; my only reason to live on this planet would only be to finance these Giants & alike only & only to perform for this hungry SERIOUS music lovers out there. And Artists like John & Chick...they don't have to worry about airport hassle which I'm very familiar with. The solution is PRIVATE JET! Yeah. Why not! Agassi, Tom Cruise, John Travolta...own one. I'd charter one for the whole band plus three Zeus Chef. Our boys need to have fantastic meals.

    It's really sad to hear an Artist like John McLaughlin complaining about his trips which should be enjoyable. What a world these Billionaires & CEOzzzzzzz have created. What a shame about me that I'm still not a wealthy person to take care of these minor problems.

    Frank Zappa once said: "Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe."

    I Love John McLaughlin's MUSICAL JOURNEY & I can't help that.


  • Lewis Reed wrote on September 21, 2007 report

    John McLaughin is one of the greatest guitarists, musicians on planet earth